Every has their own niche when it comes to martial arts. Some people want to stand up and fight whilst many want to learn the important skills of ground fighting and grappling.

Our Brazilian Ju-Jitsu classes are not only physically fantastic but they’re educational. You learn how to use your body correctly and take on those bigger and stronger than you.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (also known as BJJ) is informal in its structure unlike martial arts such as karate where you can be more relaxed, enjoy the time with other students, laugh and build bonds with fantastic tuition which is broken down stage by stage.

Our BJJ structure provides a syllabus for all members wanting to obtain grades and our beginner manual is very informative where you can even learn about the history and development of this modern martial art.

Classes currently operate every Monday and Wednesday evening at 9-10pm in the sports hall of Gosport Leisure Centre. We recommend that all members unless you own a gi wear clothing such as base layers for best practice. Once you’ve taken part in a couple of lesson’s you’ll be invited to to attend the IESKA Headquaters on a Sunday evening to attend the BJJ Fight Club.

You will love the relaxed atmosphere and learning environment plus you get the first two weeks free. Download our welcome pack to see more and then go to the booking facility below to get started.

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