Karate – Gosport Leisure Centre

The Gosport Leisure Centre is the heart of the association in which everything was built from. Opening on February 4th 2013 with just four students, it was from here Sensei Martyn’s vision started From here he trained all of his instructors, core students and squad. No one will ever be able to take away what he built here and the memories. As it was time to progress and for IESKA to evolve to the next stage, he was careful in picking the new club instructor to follow his path and pass on the legacy he had began to build.

Sempai Terry Paine has long caught the eye of the Chief Instructor. His treatment of the younger students and their development is what Sensei Martyn’s decision was based upon.

The class is based in the Sports Hall of Gosport Leisure Centre and hosts a range of ages and grades. It is a family based class which encourages parent’s to get involved.