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IESKA (Ichiban Eikoku Shotokan Karate Association) was formed on January 1st 2016 under the guidance of Sensei Martyn Styler and his partner Lisa. Sensei Martyn had formerly been with another association in which when back to the ages of a young child.

In a time of uncertainty about whether Sensei Martyn would continue where he was or quit all together, it was the encouragement of his partner and how he could not let down his students to step away and make an association where he could follow his heart and ambitions. They spent days behind the scenes going through English and Japanese to find the right words that could also be used in acronyms format.

Within days you could see their hard work, dedication and future commitment to make something extraordinary. They didn’t do this without help. Those instructors loyal to Sensei Martyn stayed with him and helped him through this difficult period Assistant Chief Instructor Martin Draper, Simon Harrison, Sam Hazard, Alan Walker, Michelle Reynold, Debbie Reynolds, Hayley Gell, David Griffiths, Stuart Lemmis and Brett Sale.

Whilst not all these person are no longer training, IESKA will always be grateful to them.

Within weeks Sensei Martyn Styler, Simon Harrison and Brett Sale put together the Squad which was competing and winning across the country. In less than six months they were invited to join the AMA England team to go the WUKF World Championships and several members came back with medals and World Champions accolades.

In an expedition and with friends at the highest levels around the world, Sensei Martyn was asked to join the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK) which is the oldest running Dojo and Governing Body in the world which is based in Japan, which saw an invitation for himself, Martin Draper, Simon Harrison and David Griffiths to grade in Kyoto, Tokyo and Okinawa over a two week period under Karate Masters.

With friendship at the helm, Eduardo ‘Brigadeiro’ Venâncio, a larger than life figure, who Sensei Martyn see’s as family and a big brother one could only wish to have, a unity was formed and Sensei Martyn was asked to get back to his love for BJJ and open the first ever Brigadeiro BJJ Academy, which he is in the process of doing.

In two years IESKA have expanded it’s clubs and member base and now has a full time Dojo and venue in the heart of Stubbington. The need for such facilities is to help it’s athletes develop as they have Olympic ambitions.

In 2018, Sensei Styler has formed a friendship with 4th Degree Taekwondo Instructor Pete Brake. Through many conversations, Sensei Brake is forming his own Taekwondo Association under the IESKA Banner. We welcome him with open arms as we become a more multi-styled martial art association,

We have a Sports Club

Located in the heart of Stubbington, formerly known as the Stubbington Snooker Club, is the IESKA Stubbington Sports Club and Bar.

Here we host a range of martial art and fitness classes. For full information please follow the link the Sports Club website.

The Squad

Our competition squad has proven their excellence once again, this time at the WUKF World Championships in 2018 coming back with Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners.

Our squad have done this in the two previous world events and now set their sites on the next major world event in Slovakia in 2019.

Why Choose Us?

Being number one is our goal, it’s our mindset, it’s who we are. We take pride in what we do, how we operate, making sure everything is done professionally and to the highest standards.

Ultimately we have been driven by the desire to do what’s best for our student’s and their family members.

If anything the question should be, why wouldn’t you choose us.

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Gosport Leisure Centre 95Members
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Lee Junior School 95Members
IESKA Sport Centre 80Members
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